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Marriott Vacation Club cancellation: Marriott Son Antem.

On this page, you can read about some of our successful court cases against Marriott Son Antem.

In Spain, a judicial proceeding commences by identifying the parties involved, their legal representative (Procurador), and lawyers. The court then outlines the facts and grounds for the judge’s ruling. Finally, the decision is concluded with a final order (Fallo).

Great Victory in Court number 6 Marbella against Marriott Marbella Beach and Marriott Son Antem

€68,874 refunded

The Irish client purchased two weeks at the Marriott Vacation Club Son Antem resort in Mallorca. 

One of their main complaints was that despite availability being advertised on booking.com to the public, Marriott always claims that there is no availability for owners. 

This suggests that Marriott would rather sell elsewhere to the public to make a profit, rather than offering availability to owners like them. 

The client wished to terminate the contract and get their money back from Marriott.

Great victory at the High Court in Malaga, these Swiss clients were awarded a refund of £28,328 plus €18,180 interest from 2002 against Marriott Son Antem

£28,328 plus €18,180 refunded

They wanted to cancel their timeshare due to financial problems and contacted Marriott Vacation Club’s Resale Operations via email to express their interest in selling. 

In response, Marriott stated that they had registered their interest on the waitlist, which goes back to 2006 and has hundreds of owners for this inventory type.

Although the contract is not null for this reason, it is null for other reasons, and Marriott must return the clients’ £28,328 plus interest since the year of purchase (about £17,000).

Great Victory in Court number 3 Marbella court against Marriott Son Antem

$26,236 refunded

This client is from Dubai and purchased their weeks at Marriott Vacation Club Son Antem in Mallorca. 

Whenever they tried to book their vacation, there were always availability issues. In Spain, a resort contract is void if it does not guarantee that the week is always available to the buyer.

Therefore, we have cancelled the contract, and Marriott must refund the money it charged.

Great Victory Marbella´s Court number 6 against Marriott Son Antem

€31,960 refunded

This Italian client purchased a week in Marriott Vacation Club, Son Antem (Mallorca). 

The reason for presenting the case in the courts of Marbella is that the company Marriott Vacation Club (MVCI Holidays) is located in Marbella. 

The clients are very elderly and can no longer use their week, so they have claimed to Marriott to cancel the contract and recover the money for the years they will not enjoy.

Great Victory Marbella´s Court number 6 against Marriott Son Antem

$19.410 refunded

On a trip to Mallorca, these clients attended a Marriott Vacation Club Presentation Sales in Son Antem. 

They decided to buy two weeks in Gold season. But Marriott’s maintenance fees are always going up and up. 

Customers have tried to resale their weeks, but Marriott told them they have to wait on a huge waitlist. 

That is why they decided to present their case in court since the contract is void and the sentence declares it is null and void and Marriott must return part of the money they collected.