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Cancel your Vacation Club contract and get a Refund

· Timeshare claims specialist ·

We are the only lawyers offering no win no fees with no upfront fees (note: only for Marriotts and not for other resorts). What does this mean? You will not be charged if your claim is not successful. 

No upfront fees. Nothing to pay upon starting the case. No hidden extras. 

This No Win No Fee agreement means you can take legal action without the usual costs associated with appointing a solicitor. It also means that you are not required to pay the solicitor if you are not paid your compensation.

You also don’t have to worry about any ongoing or upfront fees. This could be beneficial if you are already struggling financially.

Rather than the usual initial costs, your solicitor will deduct a success fee only if your claim is successful.  If the claim does not succeed, your solicitor assumes all of the risk and will charge you nothing at all. 

This means that if your claim is taken on, we expect to win the case.  However, no claim is ever guaranteed to be successful.  In the unlikely event that your claim is not successful, you won’t be required to pay us (your law firm) for our work on your case. No deposit, no legal cost. There are no hidden clauses and no hidden charges, everything will be explained to you beforehand. Of course, this means that we won’t take a claim on if we don’t think we will win in court.

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Pay £0.00 to start your claim against Marriott and pay £0.00 during the whole process.

We do not charge a penny in upfront fees or initial costs for any of our services. Pay our fees at the end form the refund that you receive.