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First of all, we must say that all our clients have always praised the resort and management of Marriott for the facilities and services provided at these Marriott Marbella, Marriott Son Antem and Marriott Playa Andaluza resorts. They tell us that its location is spectacular, in privileged areas by the sea, the common areas are magnificent and the apartments can be described as luxury. Also, the staff are wonderful and the attention they offer to guests is excellent.

However, the problem begins in the process of selling the timeshare weeks by Marriott and continues when the maintenance fee bill arrives and it becomes unbearable when the buyer realises that it is impossible to reserve the week that they “think” they bought.

Marriott Marbella, Marriott Son Antem and Playa Andaluza all have the same contract and can be claimed upon. However, our client bought the timeshare week at Marriott´s Marbella, after having stayed at the Hotel as a tourist for several days and having experienced the quality of the rooms, facilities and services etc.

In other cases, the client receives a personal invitation for free accommodation on the condition that they attend a “presentation”. This is a meeting in which they will try to sell the timeshare week to the client. If they decline to attend, they will be charged the full fee. The following paragraph was taken from a typical “invitation” letter sent to a French client of ours.

When the guest of the Marriott´s Marbella, Son Antem and Playa Andaluza resorts can personally verify the high quality of the facilities and services, it is easy for them to be interested in requesting and receiving information about the advantages of buying a timeshare instead of staying in the hotel from time to time like any other another hotel guest as a tourist or normal traveller.

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